Salt Cellar Series: Nichol Vineyards

On May 21, Gastown’s Salt Tasting Room hosted Naramata’s Nichol Vineyard for a very special wine tasting event, as part of their Cellar Series.

Matthew Sherlock, partner of Clean Slate and Director of Sales and Marketing for Nichol Vineyards made it just on time for the event, driving all the way down from the Okanagan. A fun, down-to-earth, passionate guy, Matt went through the line up of tastings for us.

The first course included the following wine and food pairings:

  • Nichol Vineyard Nine Mile White with Ash Camembert and Peach Jalapeno Jam *Pairing tip: Gewürztraminer with heat can bring our the spice.
  • Clean Slate White Slate Blend with Bra Duro di Alpeggio and Quince paste
  • Nichol Vineyard Pinot Gris with Speck Americano and Piparras Peppers

Salt Tasting room

The second course included the following wine and food pairings:

  • Nichol Vineyard Nine Mile Red with Pecorino al Tartufo and Fig and Nut Bread
  • Clean Slate Merlot with Point Reyes and Dried Cherries
  • Nichol Vineyard Syrah with Bison Salami and Basque Olives *Cool fact: This Syrah comes from the oldest vines planted in Canada.

Salt Tasting Room

Of all the wines, I really thought Clean Slate Wines (both red and white) were the best. Amazing complexity and flavours. Clean Slate was a special project that started when they took over some Poplar Grove Vineyards. They were able to have a good source of fruit, and started a winery from the Vineyard- and not the other way around. They gave a new voice to this Vineyard, and Clean Slate was born. If you are lucky enough to pick up a bottle or two, you really should. This winery only produces about 600 cases per year, and trust me, it has to be some of the best wine from this region.

Be sure to check out Salt Tasting Room next BC wine Cellar Series event on July 4, featuring Mission Hill. Event tickets are only 51.60 and include all your wine and food pairings- more details here.

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