Church Bells are ringing at Blasted Church

Did you hear a bell ring? Blasted Church did! This must mean Elaine has received her Winemaker Wings.

Blasted Church is pleased to announce that their protégé, Elaine Vickers, has been promoted to Winemaker at Blasted Church Vineyards. Elaine joins ranks with her mentor – and now peer – Winemaker Mark Wendenburg. Both Elaine and Mark will be responsible for all winemaking endeavours at Blasted Church.

A well versed winemaker, Elaine’s career began in the vineyards of Vincor’s Jackson Triggs project. Elaine joined Blasted Church in 2010, and shortly thereafter started her diligent apprenticeship training with Mark. Together, they helped recruit, train and build an accomplished winery team.

Elaine is a Masters of Science graduate from the University of Victoria. She also holds a Graduate Diploma in Oenology from the University of Adelaide. While some might poke fun at Elaine’s methodical, calibrated, and always nerdy scientific mannerisms, everyone tips their hats to her crafty, strategic, take-no-survivors kind of hyper-competitiveness. Elaine’s the type of competitor who’ll break a bone in a game of Ultimate Frisbee. We kid not.

This important rise in Elaine’s career could only have been achieved with the wise mentorship provided by Mark through the years. Elaine’s accomplishments serve as a strong testament of Mark’s impressive leadership style and stewardship abilities.

Blasted Church Vineyards is one of BC’s premier wineries, and the firm is proud to note that it has all been built on word-of-mouth since inception. Our success has been built on the impressive quality of our wines, proudly crafted with an approach to winemaking that is as creative and fresh as the winery’s outward appearance.

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