JoieFarm: Modern Farmhouse Rising in 2017


Naramata’s  JoieFarm is excited to announce that in early October the Tasting Room and Farmhouse were demolished to make way for their new facility to rise in early 2017.

After opening its doors to the public in 2015, they were overwhelmed with community support for our farmhouse tasting room.Their mission was simple:  to create the most authentic wine tasting experience for guests seeking to try our wines and understand the culture in which Joie wines are grown, made, and presented.

Once again, the farmhouse will undergo reconstruction. This marks a unique opportunity to re-state the purpose and goal that JoieFarm has set out to pursue.

The new facility will include:
– Optimized views of Lake Okanagan from our grassy Picnique lawn while preserving the charm of lounging beneath the same heritage orchard trees;
– A larger tasting bar allowing greater movement and flow for guests and the Joie team;
– More spaces for visitors to enjoy Joie including an outdoor bar and private tasting room;
– An optimized outdoor kitchen for our Picnique team to run our wood-fired oven;
– Fully wheelchair accessible hospitality facility; and
– Customized office space for JoieFarm Headquarters.

The new building embodies local rural architecture, efficient functionality, and maintains the charm of hospitality on a working farm.

We look forward to visiting the new Modern Farmhouse in 2017!

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