Day 4: Tod Creek Craft Cider

Day 4 of BC Cider Week | Tod Creek Craft Cider from Victoria

image1.JPGTod Creek Craft Cider makes small batch, handcrafted cider with BC apples. They source their apples from local trees on Vancouver Island as well as from farmers in the Okanagan.

Some of their ciders include:

Bamfield Bound: An off-dry craft cider with a hint of maple syrup to take the dry edge off

Tod Cider: 100% juice, fully fermented, then back-sweetened slightly with apple juice for an off-dry full flavour cider.

Mala-Hop: For all your craft beer lovers out there. This is a triple-hopped craft cider, made with organic hops from a small farm in Lilloette.

Coastal Blue: A refreshing apple cider with added local blueberry juice- very unique cider, first blueberry cider we’ve ever tried!



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