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Day 5: Wards Cider

Day 5: Wards Cider in Kelowna


Our day 5 cider is one of the oldest ciders in Canada, Wards Hard Cider, since 1922! This family has been farming apples for 5 generations. It’s made from 100 percent tree-ripened, handpicked cider specific apples from our orchards in the sunny Okanagan Valley. It is the perfect all natural and gluten-free alternative to beer, and remains true to the old family recipe of back-to-basics and wholesome.

Wards offers a few different kinds of cider including The Picker’s Hut Premium Cider, Wards Hard Apple Cider, Picker’s Hut Winter Spice Cider, Wards Festive Apple Cider and Wards Ginger Apple Cider. All of their ciders are naturally grown, hand harvested, milled and pressed and with champagne yeast. You can find some of their ciders at the BC Liquor store, or at the View Winery in Kelowna!

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