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Day 7: Howling Moon

Day 7: Howling Moon cider in Oliver


We are probably most excited about Howling Moon Cidery because they simple make a sparkling apple wine! The Sicre Blanco is a blend of 50% Swiss Sharp Cider Apples and 50% late-harvest old growth Pinot Blanc Grapes. The only of its kind in BC!

Howling Moon also makes a off-dry craft cider made from blending sweet dessert apples with a smaller proportion of heritage cider apples. The dry craft cider is made  of heritage cider apples.

If you’re planning a trip to BC Okanagan Wine Region and travelling around Oliver, be sure to add this cider to your list of stops (preferably at the end). Cider is such a refreshing drink to have after all of the wine!


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