We Three Wine Cellars… Fairview, Lariana and vinAmité


For the very first time, Fairview Cellars, Lariana Cellars and vinAmité Cellars have joined forces to offer two very special curated wine offers. They are very pleased to collaborate, because “We Three Cellars” believe that the collective wines are all unique to one another’s, therefore we are able to offer a diverse spectrum of styles, flavours and Terroir to YOU, The Okanagan Wine Lover.

For these offers, each winery showcases four wines to make a memorable experience, unique to the wine industry. This is a one of a kind find, a three stop shop in one, that you will not find in stores. Direct from the Winemakers, they are offering selections from our Libraries as well as wines that are “Sold Out” to the public. Many of these wines have been sleeping in cellars aging for you, waiting for this moment. In every case, you will find Tasting Notes from each the winery. You can learn more about the wineries below. (All prices are tax in.)

They are offering complimentary shipping to Alberta and British Columbia. The rest of our Provinces will receive $20.00 towards shipping costs. They will even personally drop off their wines to those living in Osoyoos, Oliver and Ok Falls. This offer will be on until July 3rd or until we sell out…Limited quantities available.

For every bottle sold, they will donate one dollar to Desert Sun Counselling & Resource Centre

Ordering is simple! Contact the below to make arrangements.

Fairview Cellars |  (250) 498-2211 or EMAIL
Lariana Cellars | (250) 498-9259 or EMAIL
vinAmité Cellars |  (250) 498-2234 or EMAIL

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