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Wine blogger creates list of open wineries to promote B.C. wine

Sophie Gray

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An avid B.C. wine blogger has created an ultimate list of wineries open in the Okanagan region.

Kayla Bordignon, founder of the uncorkBC wine blog, tasted her first B.C. wine while on a family trip to Osoyoos one summer. Since then, she has made four or five trips a year to the Okanagan to sample and write about vineyards in the region.

Bordignon said that she wanted to do something to support the B.C. wine industry which has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on travel. No one else seemed to be putting together a comprehensive list, so she decided to do it herself.

“No one was doing it, and I started doing it right away,” said Bordingnon. “Right as soon as wineries started opening, I was like I want to get the word out. I want to support local wineries. These are local families, local farmers. They’re hurting with the downturn.”

So she started a growing list of all the wineries she could find that are open to tastings.

“I knew that for consumers to buy directly from a winery, it’s huge. And I know that people wanted to support local,” said Bordignon. “So I wanted to encourage people in B.C. to go visit wineries and have that experience, but also buy wine directly from the winery.”

She monitors social media and press releases to keep the list up to date. It continues to evolve, as Bordignon said many wineries are still not open. She estimates that in the next three to four weeks, the majority should be open.

Tastings will look a little different. Bordignon said that most wineries have moved away from walk-up tastings in favour or bookings, in order to accommodate social distancing in small tasting rooms.

She suggests planning ahead and giving yourself extra time to explore the wineries this summer, as restrictions will make it tougher to get in.

“Pre-COVID, I thought I could do five, six wineries in a day. Right now, it’s just not possible,” said Bordignon.

Her list can be found on http://www.uncorkBC.com.

The full story in the Oliver Chronicle can be found here.

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