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Kayla Bordignon | BC Wine Enthusiast

Ciao! I’m Kayla and I just love everything about BC Wine. I first fell in love with BC wine after an amazing experience at my first winery, Tinhorn Creek in Oliver. I was 19 and hit up the tasting bar with my parents (don’t we all at the beginning?). This was my first time tasting wine and they made it so approachable and fun. After the tasting, we purchased a few picnic items from their fridge, grabbed a bottle of my favourite wine from the tasting (at the time it was Gewürztraminer!). We sat on a blanket in the vineyard with our goodies and I just had a “wow” moment.

Ten years later, I’ve tasted and toured at over 150 wineries in this province and plan my vacations around wine! I’ve travelled to other regions in the world including: (1) Provence, France (2) Prosecco, Italy (3) Verona, Italy (4) Tuscany, Italy, (5) Sardinia, Italy (6) Temecula, California (7)  Santa Barbara, California. But, I truly believe BC makes the best wine in the world and I can’t wait to uncork these bottles with you!

Feel free to contact me: Email: Kayla@uncorkbc.com  | Instagram: @uncorkbc | Twitter: @uncorkbc