BC Wineries by Region

Did you know that some of the world’s finest wines are produced right here in our own backyard, British Columbia? BC offers several unique wine regions, including the Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island, Similkameen Valley, Okanagan Valley and the Fraser Valley, home to over 200 wineries.

uncorkBC is a place to find information about BC wine and learn the stories of the different wineries across this province. uncorkBC will encourage you to explore BC wine regions, and will offer tips and suggestions for your next trip to wine country.

So, next time you enjoy a bottle of wine, be sure to uncorkQUALITY. uncorkCHARACTER. uncorkBC.


*Invite us out to visit your winery and learn your stories! We are always looking to tour and taste at BC wineries. Email info@uncorkBC.com with full details.