PINK JUST PINK – a culinary adventure exploring pink

Date: June 10th, 2022 at 6:00 PM
Venue: Lightning Rock Winery / Summerland 
What: 5-Course Pop-up Dinner inspired by, you guessed it, the colour pink! 
Price: $155 (+Gratuity)

Chef Pierre Geronimo and Sommelier Elise Trébuchon have created a 5-course culinary experience that highlights the many shades of pink found both on your plate and in your glass. This vivid event features local produce, sustainable foraging techniques and Lightning Rock wine pairings. Pink Just Pink is the last dinner in their monochromatic series following the success of Yellow Just Yellow and Purple Just Purple last year. Catch this dynamic duo before Elise heads home to France. Limited seating! Only 8 tickets remain.

Limited seating! Only 25 seats, 8 seats remain!

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Hosted by Sommelier, Elise Trébuchon, and catered by Chef Pierre of Origine Catering, these two can’t wait for you to take part in this delightful experience.

Both hailing from the South of France, Elise and Pierre met in the Okanagan. Upon discovering their shared interest in food and wine, molecules and gastronomy, they decided to dig into the fun of color pairings together! 

This spring marks the beginning of Chef Pierre’s new adventure: ‘Origine Catering’ and he is over-joyed to partner up with his good friend Elise to indulge in good food,good wine, and of course, sharing both with good people.

Their partnership, created from the foundation of genuine hospitality spirit, aims to push the culinary envelope in new and innovative ways while highlighting the richness of the Okanagan, with a French touch. 

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