Dishwashers weep, wine lovers rejoice

The 39th Vancouver International Wine Festival is in full swing all around town, and by the time it wraps up Sunday night, dishwashers will have dealt with 82,000 wine glasses. And countless plates, cups and cutlery. And 25,000 wine lovers will have sniffed, swirled and sipped from a selection of 1,700 wines by 180 wineriesContinue reading “Dishwashers weep, wine lovers rejoice”


Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday by welcoming 76 wineries from across the nation to the Vancouver International Wine Festival, happening next week from February 11-17 in Vancouver. There are still tickets left to some great events including: Oculus Retrospective | Tuesday, February 14 from 4-5:30pm, $125 /ticket The attributes of a great wine are consistency, complexity,Continue reading “O CANADA! OUR HOME AND NATIVE WINES”