Tickets to All-Inclusive Events at Victoria’s Starlight Stadium (September 12),Vancouver’s Concord Pacific Place (September 26) go on Sale July 7 and 14 After a one-year pause during the pandemic, one of Western Canada’s most popular and perennially sold-out food, drink and entertainment festivals will make its triumphant return when Brewery & The Beast hosts a pair ofContinue reading “BREWERY & THE BEAST IN VICTORIA, VANCOUVER”

Dishwashers weep, wine lovers rejoice

The 39th Vancouver International Wine Festival is in full swing all around town, and by the time it wraps up Sunday night, dishwashers will have dealt with 82,000 wine glasses. And countless plates, cups and cutlery. And 25,000 wine lovers will have sniffed, swirled and sipped from a selection of 1,700 wines by 180 wineriesContinue reading “Dishwashers weep, wine lovers rejoice”