Exploring the best of BC Wine and Food

The Passport

The Okanagan Wine Passport is a fun, self-guided tour that offers complimentary wine tastings at 45 incredible stops across the Valley! This exclusive program is launching early next year (2022) but pre-sale is on now. This is a perfect offering for wine lovers who want to explore wine country at their own leisure, while finding new gems along the way.

Tasting value is $500+! 

Limited quantities available

Best in Food

The Okanagan is home to some of the best restaurants in the Province with a focus on farm to table ingredients.

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A collection of winery associations from across the province listing wineries, special events and more!

With soft sloping mountains and sparking lakes, this beautiful Canadian province produces sustainably grown wines made with care and a bounty of fresh, local product to go with them. 

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DIY Winery Picnic

What to bring….

  • Cheese | brie, goat cheese, aged white cheddar
  • Meats | mild and hot genoa salami, proscuitto, pepperoni sticks
  • Garnish | berries, peaches, grapes, nuts, dried fruit, chocolate
  • Preserves | Jams and jelly from Salt Spring Kitchen
  • Accompaniments | crackers, pre-sliced baguette
  • Pack | A wooden board, cheese knives, spoons and a table cloth or blanket