Tasting Tips

How to sip and taste wine like a pro:

  1. Hold it by the Stem| Never hold the glass by its bowl because this adds to unnecessary smudges on the glass, which does not allow you to see the pure sight of the wine you are going to enjoy. Be sure to grab it by the stem of the glass.
  2. Sight | Looking at your glass of wine before you taste prepares you for the taste you are about to enjoy. So, slightly tilt your wine glass up to a white paper or light and really look at what you see. Is it cloudy or clear?
  3. Swirl | Take the glass by its stem, and gently swirl wine around the glass. This allows oxygen into the wine releasing natural perfumes. Also, observe if there are any streaks left within the glass. This can tell you something about the body of wine.
  4. Smell | Now its time to smell the wine, so tilt the glass up and stick your nose into it.
  5. Sip | Finally, your ready for your first sip of wine. Let the wine cover your whole mouth to really get a chance to taste all the flavours of the wine. Enjoy!

Top words to describe wine:

The nose is the smell of wine, and the palate is the taste of wine. Here are some key wine descriptions, so next time you taste you can describe your wine.

Acidity | wine tastes crisp (typically white wines)

Aroma | the smell of wine

Body | the weight of wine in your mouth (light, medium or full)

Crisp | wine with refreshing acidity

Dry | not sweet

Finish | impression you are left with as you swallow wine

Flavours | wines have all kinds of flavours (fruity, earthy, spicy, herbal, etc)

Fruity | wine flavour and aroma suggest fruit notes

Oaky | wine that has oak flavor (toasty, smoky)

Soft | wine that is smooth

Tannic | wine that is firm, leaves mouth dry (typically red wines)